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EPC Capacity - HSS

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  • EPC Capacity - HSS

    I would switch the Subscribers limitation with the Transactions one in the order. My logic is that based on my implementation and benchmarking experience, the HSS is in effect just a small layer of functionality which interfaces through Diameter to a back-end DBMS. I would even say that more than 90% of the resources are then spent in the DBMS then in the HSS delta. Then the capacity is in effect that of the DBMS, which rarely have a problem with the amounts of data required here (tens/hundreds millions of rows) vs. the DB transactions performance.

    Then I would even eliminate entirely the Bearers from the list. Bearers are not saved or updated in the HSS, while also the subscriber profile data is supposed to be cached in the MME/PCRF/S-CSCF/etc, not pulled on bearer modifications, rather pushed down on updates.