Mobile Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are on the cusp of a multitude of network and business transformation choices. A good conceptual understanding of the new networking and CSP business paradigms is essential for professionals in the communication industry. This course provides a high-level view of the impact and benefits of network transformation to mobile CSPs and the vision and opportunities created by future CSP networks, as well as the role of transforming technologies such as SDN, NFV, API, Cloud, and Big Data to enhance network agility and scalability. 

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Learning Objectives

After completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • List the financial and operational motivations for CSP network transformation with NFV and SDN
  • Compare and contrast SDN and NFV
  • Communicate more effectively using SDN/NFV terminology
  • List key NFV/SDN deployment considerations
  • Illustrate how SDN/NFV interworks with other network transformation technologies, such as Cloud, Big Data and APIs

Intended Audience

The course is intended for all that are interested in understanding how the mobile CSP business and network will evolve over the next few years.

Course Length

1 hour

Course Outlines / Knowledge Knuggets

1. Mobile CSP Organizational Structure and Network Architecture

2. Key Communications Technologies and Their Roles in the CSP Network  

3. End-to-End Data Session Setup Over the 4G LTE Network

4. Motivations for CSP Network Transformation

5. NFV and SDN

5.1. NFV

5.2. SDN

5.3 NFV and SDN Together

6. NFV/SDNInterworking with Cloud, Big Data, and APIs

7. Final Assessment