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LTE & VoLTE Architecture: Part 1

LTE & VoLTE Architecture: Part 2

  • Nishith

    Reference Signal Power Boosting in LTE

    Each cell in an LTE radio network sends a cell-specific reference signal (RS) from its transmit antennas. The transmit power of a resource element (RE) carrying such reference signal can be set to be the...
  • Hongyan

    How to calculate peak data rate in LTE?

    You may hear it many times that the peak data rate of LTE is about 300Mbps? How is the number calculated? What are the assumptions behind? Let's estimate it in a simple way. Assume 20 MHz channel bandwidth...
  • Lauro

    Frame Structures in LTE-TDD and LTE-FDD

    So far, we have concentrated our efforts in describing LTE-FDD. However, as TD-LTE gets deployed in the USA, more blogs on this technology will be published. In this occasion, we will describe the frame...
  • Prakash

    Discontinuous Reception (DRX) in RRC_IDLE: Part 1

    One of the important activities performed by UE during RRC Idle mode is listening to paging message. The UE should listen to the paging message to know about incoming calls, system information change,...