Lte downlink matlab code

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Lte downlink matlab code

  • hi guys 

    I hope I am in the wrhight place to get info about LTE .I am in need of matlab code for lte downlink so any one who has the code please ?

  • I am not aware of any matlab code for LTE. Sorry.

  • A non-commercial, open source MATLAB implementation is done by university of Vienna. This includes link (PHY) and system level simulations.

    Check this :

  • Please have a look on LTE PHY Lab, which is comprehensive implementation of LTE Rel.8 Physical layer as a form of Matlab Toolbox. Both, downlink and uplink are implemented.

    More info: or on the matlab webpage:

  • For simulating performance evaluation of LTE through parameters like BER, Throughput, power based on QPSK,16QAM and 64 QAM , how to code in matlab ?

  • do you have the code now?