hi, excuse if this is kind of basic question, however i'd like to check what i think is possible to do.

i understand that there are no restricions to add a dedicated bearer to the defaukt bearer that is created when the LTE UE attaches. if that is correct (because in LTE, i always saw discussions about dedicated bearer fro the IMS APN which is VoLTE related), then there should not be imposible to transport VoIP from clients using the internet APN with a greater QoS. is that right? if it is, and imagine that the serving (home) network has a PCRF, is this dedicated bearer set by the PCRF after the PGW detects such service (imagine that this servoces uses SIP for call set up so a new SIP session initiation can be detected)?

i'm asking this, specifically because of the no-native wifi calling clients that may run in a android hanset. they use the internet APN (default bearer) and SIP for call set up (very similar to the VoLTE procedures). this is also a particular case for the SIP session reaches the IMS core (geting to the P-CSCF, etc) as if it was a native wifi caling client.

anyway, the basic question is if in this context a dedicated bearer could be ceted somehwo for this service and if having a PCRF may do the dedicated bearer set up management easier or required.