Hello there, this is my very first post. So I hope, that I don't do anything wrong. :)

I'd like to know, if there is a way for the UE to skip some RNTIs while descrambling the CRC of the PDCCH.
For example:
Is it possible to try the SIRNTI only in subframe #5, because this is the only slot where the SIB1 can be placed (if I'm not wrong)?
Or is it necessary to try every RNTI in every subframe?

Or is there a way change the order in try order of the RNTIs I want to test?
For example if I know, that the probability of an SIRNTI is high, I check this at the beginning?

After all I read, it seems, that there is no way to skip some RNTIs, but isn't his a waste of time to try all the different RNTIs?

Thank you very much for your answer!