I have a question related to the SIB11 message for 3G. There will be 3 kinds of handover relation: Inter-HO, intra-HO, iRAT-HO (3G-2G and 3G-4G). My question is whether any difference of HO from 3G-2G and 3G-4G? For the HO from 3G-4G, it will be treated the same way as 3G-2G?

For example, firstly my network has only 2G, and 3G, in the SIB11 message, we set the number of neighbors for iRAT not exceed 25. Now we are deploying 4G, we need to reduce the number of 2G neighbors in order to replace by 4G cell. So the number of 2G neighbor reduction will be equal to the number of 4G neighbors that added to SIB11 for 3G?

Thanks a lot.