handover signalling messages size

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handover signalling messages size

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 Hi experts

I have a question about  the handover signalling messages size and how you can calculate each one, I have tried the standard but I didn't find or get really how to calculate them, I hope you can help me with that 

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  • Dear wwa2

    It depended on ue information (UE capability, number of ERAB,,,) and eNB RRC Configuration (Data Forwarding, number of rrc measurement ie, SIBs,,,)

    So you can't calculate correct size.

    For reference, the following is handover signalling messages size in my handover wireshark log. (ERAB number = 1)

    S1AP Handover Required : 366 Byte

    S1AP Handover Request : 419 Byte

    S1AP Handover Request Ack : 219 Byte

    S1AP Handover Command : 214 Byte

    X2AP Handover Request : 409 Byte

    X2AP Handover Request Ack : 206 Byte