'codebookSubsetRestriction' IE in MIMO transmission

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'codebookSubsetRestriction' IE in MIMO transmission

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Hi All,

I have one question regrading MIMO transmission in LTE, "codebookSubsetRestriction" is sent in RRC message to UE, What is the significance of this IE.?

will this this Restriction the some PMI to be used to decode the MIMO signal. ?please  Help!

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  • Hi,

    codebookSubsetRestriction is part of rrcConnection reconfiguration.

    It is used to restrict the PMI reported by UE.

    in case of 2*2 MIMO,6 bits are used to represent codebookSubsetRestriction.

    If bit map is 111111,then UE can use PMI 0,1,2,3 when RI=1....PMI 0,1 in case of RI=2...

    If bit map is 011010 then UE can use PMI 1,2 when RI=1 ....PMI 0 in case of RI=2....