Hi Experts. I would ask you several questions regarding TDD LTE design.


1. Can anyone explain possibility to deploy LTE TDD, with criteria:

We have discontinuous 30 MHz bandwidth in to E-UTRA operating band #35 (1850-1910 MHz)

How to optimal utilized 30 MHz for sites in case of maximum carrier bandwidth is 20 MHz per sector?

Is it possible to divide 30 MHz bandwidth to 3 different carriers for 10 MHz per 3 sectored site (or 15 MHz for 2 sectored sites) and assign it per sector?


Other words:

    1) To use 2 bands with 15 MHz in each with the same frequency on each sectors (say on 3-sectored eNodeB), so 1+1+1

    2) To use 3 bands with 10 MHz in each and assign different bands on 3 sectors of one eNodeB, so called 1+2+3. Which rules should we follow in doing cell planning?


2. Can anyone clarify that on LTE FDD when using 20Mhz on one carrier we would have high inter-cell interference which in the end would impact end-user throughput (instead 100Mbps, we would get 75Mbps). Does it work like this also on LTE TDD?


3. That guard interval (in KHz) should be implemented in case of GSM1800 and LTE (1850-1910 MHz) neighbor usage.