Range of RSRQ

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Range of RSRQ

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What is RSRQ ? and What is the range of RSRQ ? In which i could find the same ?In 36.214 only the definition is available

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  • Please refer to 36.133

  • Thanks heaps..i got it

  • 36.133 section 9.1.7 states the RSRQ is defined from -19.5 dB to -3 dB...

    From field measurements I am seeing RSRQ > -3 dB

    for example from field:

    RSSI = -79  RSRP = -93  RSRQ= 3dB   Why: Because RSRQ=#of RB in BW * (RSRP/RSSI) : If I have a 10Mhz BW then there are 50 RB , thus 10*log(50) = 17 dB  thus 17+(-93+79) = 3 dB....So now I'm confused since 36.133 states the max. RSRQ is -3 dB

  • Hi rmahant, do you have any ideas on the field test RSRQ reading is bigger than RSRQ range defined in 3GPP? Appreciate your explanations on this. Thanks