RRC Connection release cause

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RRC Connection release cause

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Where do I find 'RRC connection Release cause' specified for LTE? 3gpp 36331 does not mention of that.

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  • 36.331 does indeed list the different causes in the ASN.1 description of the RRCConnectionRelease message. Here's a copy/paste from version 8.16.0:

    "ReleaseCause ::= ENUMERATED {loadBalancingTAUrequired,

    other,spare2, spare1 }"

  • If eNB is having S1-flex enabled then it can be connected to multiple MMEs. In case, some load balancing is required, then UE signaling connected can be shifted between the MMEs. This re-location of RRC connection requires Tracking Area update in new MME. I believe "LoadbalancingTAUrequired" is somehow related to this process.

    Forum can correct me if my understanding is not accurate.