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LTE & VoLTE Architecture: Part 1

LTE & VoLTE Architecture: Part 2

  • Hongyan

    How to calculate peak data rate in LTE?

    You may hear it many times that the peak data rate of LTE is about 300Mbps? How is the number calculated? What are the assumptions behind? Let's estimate it in a simple way. Assume 20 MHz channel bandwidth...
  • Chris

    Bearers Questions

    There were a couple of good questions on the LTE University forum page recently. I thought it would be good to address those questions. The first question was: are default bearers created on a per UE or...
  • John M.

    PBCH: Does the MIB tell the UE how many antennas are used in the cell?

    Before answering this question let's review the contents of the Master Information Block (MIB). You will find the definition of the MIB in the RRC specification, 36.331. It contains just three parameters...
  • Hongyan

    PDCCH Construction

    The PDCCH (Physical Downlink Control Channel) in LTE carries UE-specific scheduling assignments for Downlink (DL) resource allocation, Uplink (UL) grants, PRACH (Physical Random Access Channel) responses...