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LTE & VoLTE Architecture: Part 1

LTE & VoLTE Architecture: Part 2

  • Bhagwan

    Comparison of UMTS/CDMA and LTE Coverage

    Almost always LTE is deployed as an overlay with 3G technology, that could be UMTS or CDMA2000. And then it is natural to compare the coverage between 3G and 4G. I have often seen that we try to compare...
  • Lauro

    Handover Parameters (Part 1 of 3)

    There are three ways of optimizing handovers in LTE: a) Via the modification of the parameters a3offset and hysteresisa3 b) By changing the parameter timetotriggereventa3 c) Via the modification...
  • Vishal

    UE Identifiers in LTE - The Big Five

    In my previous blog I had motivated the idea behind the Registered State/Deregistered State and the Connected Mode/Idle Mode. I would like to continue to build on those ideas and briefly talk about...
  • Hongyan

    UE measurement in LTE

    In cellular networks, when a mobile moves from cell to cell and performs cell selection/reselection and handover, it has to measure the signal strength/quality of the neighbor cells. We know that in UMTS...